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April 06, 2014

Sunday Links No. 12 - A Fun Food to Make and Say, Concrete Vases & Merit Badges

A lunchtime photo shoot by Science World in Vancouver.

I lost my creative groove this week. I was swamped with work for my project manager job and the little energy I had left went to laundry and my boys. After a couple of hot bubble baths, some brainstorming sessions with my notebook and a pep talk to myself I am ready for another week.

And, as always, I start my week on Sunday morning with my cup of coffee and my favourite links I found on the internet.

Not only do these look delicious, they are so fun to say!

I was playing with Plaster of Paris yesterday making volcanos, now I want to make these too.

I am going to print out the picture on how to properly jump a car and put it in my glove box, hopefully never to be touched again.

I want to sign-up for this class and make some new goals.

I loved my Brownie sash with all of my badges. Now I want to make my own, I can earn my blogging badge!

A collection of TED Talks dedicated to creativity.

Yoga mat flip flops? Yes please.

Do you want to join my scenius?

I love this sneak peek of a designers process.

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  1. Did you have to jump the car this week? Every time I see those cables, I remember one episode of Mr. Bean trying to jump his car :)

    Let me know how is the class from Elise. She is a great goal setter for sure.

    Hope next week is going to be much slower for you. Take it easy, my friend!

    1. No, knock-on wood! I saw the picture on Pinterest and thought it would be a good idea to have on hand. Hopefully if I am prepared I will never need to use it.

      I have a couple of slower days ahead of me (Monday isn't one of them) but, like you, we will get through it!