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July 27, 2008

Dirt Digger Shirt

When you have three boys, you can't make something for one and not the other two. Here is Darien's dirt digger shirt:

Because Grayden is only 5 months old, I get to pick what I will make for him - no idea yet though.
I have many, many projects on the go that I can't wait to finish and post on here. Included is some redecorating I have been itching to get done for a couple of years now. Come fall I am going to tackle it one room at a time. Maybe even a dedicated space for my creating self!

July 14, 2008


I messed up and bought the wrong interfacing for this project - I bought the sew-in kind. It would have still worked but I don't like to add extra steps to the process unless I have to. But it turned out to be a blessing because Connor decided he wanted his snake to be soft like his shirt. There are two places that creased up on me but it turned out not too badly. It was going to be a plain-jane, generic snake but a hood was requested and the cobra T-shirt was born.
He has worn it 2 days in a row now and hisses at everyone he sees.

July 11, 2008

Dream Swatch

I love headbands but don't wear them very often because of my bangs. I came across this pattern for a knitted head wrap some time ago but have never cast on for it.

I am growing out my bangs and am in desperate need of something that is wide enough to cover the ends of my bangs until they are long enough to tame (right now they stand up past most headbands in a most spiky and unflattering way in the middle of my head).

Enter the dream swatch, I am very happy with it so far but am afraid I am going to run out of yarn before it is as long as I want it to be. I may have to get creative and pick up stitches along the cast on edge with a matching colour to get the length I'm after.

It is purdy though, isn't it?

July 09, 2008

Mini Jar of Whimsies

My first swap on swap-bot.com is to put together a Mini Jar of Whimsies for my partner. I had fun doing it - it feels so good to be creative again. In the past 3 days I have made something everyday - scrapbook pages, special mailers for family and crafts with my boys. No pressure, just enjoyment the way it should be.

I hope my partner likes it! And I really can't wait to get mine!