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April 27, 2014

Sunday Links No. 15 - Photo Backdrops, Ducks & Ice Pops

Last week I had a mini-photo shoot with my neighbour's Indian Runner Ducks. SO cute.

I am dreaming about our lake vacation and homemade popsicles. These ones to be precise.

Adding video to your Project Life albums is not only possible, it is a must.

10 photo background ideas for your crafts and projects.

I am going to play around with this edging pattern to create some headbands (more stock for my future Etsy shop).

Pinterest has launched Guided Search, you can watch the video to see what it is all about. The reason I love this video is watching people use Pinterest to actually complete the projects they pin! I can definitely get better at that.

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  1. The pinterest video is SO cool! I'm totally guilty of pinning and not finishing the projects (even though a few are successfully finished). Love the headbands too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    1. I have done a few crafts too but if I were to try every one I have pinned, I would never be bored and I would be broke!