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April 13, 2014

Sunday Links No. 13 - Funny Owl Video & A Perfect Outfit

Saturday was a great start to this weekend. Sunshine, silliness and smiles. This is my good friend Gabi. You can read this beautiful post that sums up our friendship.

This is the perfect outfit for me. I can wear it to job sites and it is ME.

If you want to burst out laughing while learning at the same time, please, please go watch all of these videos. Not all are kid appropriate though (especially the duck one).

This is my favourite so far:

If you want to write about a good life, you must live a good life. Great article.

Improving your photography with Lego figurines. Brilliant.

If you want to keep clicking links, I have more for you here.


  1. The jumping gif is so much fun! Our photo walk/jumping contest was such a perfect start of the weekend!

  2. I love the GIF, we need to make more!