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August 04, 2014

37 Things Before 38

Over 2 weeks ago now I turned 37. We were on vacation at the lake and it was perfection. Just me and all my boys, I couldn't ask for anything more. As I tend to mentally age myself early (I've been calling myself 37 in my head for a few months now) I was already adjusted to the age change.

One of my goals on the 36 Things Before 37 list was to write my 37 Things Before 38 list ON my birthday. And I did it!

I can't say the same for everything else on the list. I didn't make it to half of them, but:

  • as a weak excuse, I created the list 6 months away from my birthday and didn't have a full year to complete them.
  • I didn't put a lot of thought into all of them and they weren't what I truly wanted.
  • some things made it onto this year's list as I still want to do them.
  • I am okay with all of the above.

37 Things Before 38

  1. Take a pottery wheel class
  2. List 100 items in my Etsy shop
  3. Do the de-clutter challenge (I started this on August 1)
  4. Create a blogging schedule
  5. Take pictures with my DSLR every week.
  6. I need to listen to my doctor and get down to my ideal weight to help with my diabetes and high blood pressure
  7. Try my hand at some Fair Isle knitting
  8. Go to yoga once per week
  9. 5 new date night adventures
  10. Sign Connor up for the babysitting course
  11. Take boys to Whistler
  12. Book dentist appointments (done, we go this month!)
  13. Make my bucket list
  14. Play new song on the piano
  15. Print out the family mantra I created
  16. Sleep outside with the boys
  17. Go thrifting with Gabi
  18. Organize the playroom
  19. Make new kick-ass workout playlist
  20. No snacks after dinner except on family movie nights
  21. Work through all my old personal training plans
  22. Drink 4L of water per day (this is going well 2 weeks later)
  23. Finish my first Project Life Album
  24. Climb Golden Ears
  25. Go to the gym 3 times per week 
  26. Refinish the filing cabinet I scored from work
  27. Go for a family bike ride on the dykes
  28. Book our 4th Shuswap trip
  29. Donate all the clothes I haven't worn in a year (be brutal)
  30. Organize my craft desk (that new filing cabinet will come in handy)
  31. Paint my bedroom side tables
  32. Get my piano tuned
  33. Buy a paddle boat or kayaks for item number 28
  34. Brush off the children's stories I have written and start submitting them again
  35. Send in queries to magazines for some new articles
  36. Create and implement a chore schedule for the boys
  37. Write my 38 things before 39 on my birthday
 It's a good sign that I'm exciting about this list. It is going to get DONE!

August 03, 2014

Sunday Links No. 25 - 55 Movies, Make-up & Hair Clips

This is the real behind the scenes of me trying to get a group shot. Maybe this is part of the reason I love my lifestyle/candid style of photography. Please note that my husband is holding the sign upside down and I took many shots past this one before I noticed.

After a brief hiatus, here are my Sunday Links:

I am trying to grow out my bangs (after having them for less than a month). This clip is perfect for when I am on job sites!

Those who know me, know that make-up isn't something I do a lot of, or well for that matter. But this tutorial is something I can get behind.

We bought a projector yesterday so we can watch backyard movies on a giant white sheet. These 55 movies are a must.

This bookmark is going to be my new method of tagging great parts of books. Move over post-it notes.

I came home to over 1200 unread posts in my blog reader. I ended up clearing them all (sorry, I just couldn't justify the time to spend a day reading blogs). I am so glad I read this post before I hit "mark all as read".

My boys love pierogies. I am going to give this recipe a go and make our own.

And here is the final picture of my family that I got (even though I had to photoshop the face of one of my boys in from another photo as not one shot was "perfect").

PS I pin a lot of photography tips, including posing guides and photoshop tutorials here.