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April 08, 2014

PSE Actions - A Beautiful Mess

I treated myself to a new actions set from A Beautiful Mess, The Elements Actions, a couple of days ago. When the shop first opened the action bundles were only for Photoshop and I was sad. Then they released this set of 10 actions shortly afterwards and I was happy again - for $10 you get a lot of editing fun!

One of the first actions I ran is called Clara, and it was perfection (you can see it just below on the pictures of the trees in my front yard).

I found that the Light Leak and Mia actions called for a summertime photo and pulled out one from last year. Mia and this photo of Grayden go hand in hand.
Since Darien is fair-skinned like me, I find a lot of actions wash him out, but Dottie and Nico look good on him.
I like to play with the layers in pre-made actions. Not only do I get different results but it also helps me pick-up tips on new layers I can try on my own. The Wendy action converts your photo to B&W but by reducing one of the layers to 90% I was able to preserve some of the colour. The Harper action really made the greenery pop in the photo of Connor.
Where do you buy your pre-made actions?


  1. All these photos look awesome, Harmony! Isn't it fun when you play with actions?

    Still the one of you is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Gabi, I took it with my big camera and my 50mm lens. My arms were just long enough to capture that one.