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April 20, 2014

Sunday Links No. 14 - Coil Baskets, a Drawing Challenge & Map Art

I am creating a new rule for myself. No more working past 4 PM. When you don't have an office and you work from home most of the time it is too easy to keep working and forsake all of the things you want to be doing. Sure there will be exceptions to this rule, but I need a hard stop to put the laptop away and live my life.

Even though no posting happened here this week I still found lots of links to share.

I'm going to do this drawing challenge.

Poppytalk has opened a storefront. It's in Vancouver and I think I need to visit.

Another craft to add to my long list of crafts to try: coil baskets.

This stool is a must, not just a want. When I am on job sites I can sometimes be found sitting on the floor if there are no chairs. I should start carrying my own!

Make paper into fabric that can be sewn.

Map artwork, yes!

It's time for a new iPhone case.

30 things to start doing for yourself.

Will this article stop you from doing those online quizzes?

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  1. That's sounds great, everyone needs to take a time out sometimes from all these distractions after reading this post i cant remember the last time i actually had a proper break accept in the half term. I'm not really good at drawing, do show us the finished masterpiece after you have finished.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca! Yes, finding that balance is so tricky, hope you find some time for yourself in your next term.