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March 02, 2014

Sunday Links No. 7

We woke up to another snowfall here in British Columbia. This at a time when we are all gearing up to mow our lawns, leave the house without a coat on and eat our lunch outside; please let this be the last snowfall!

So in honor of the pending season change, this week's links are all themed to get ready for Spring and put a spring in your step.

I would wear this pretty dress to work or on date night.

I don't have city water so in the summer we have to be aware of our water consumption. This idea to wash my veggies is perfect and then I can use the water to water the garden.

I read this story about the Scatter Love Project and it brought a tear to my eye. Reaching out to someone can be scary but it can also change someone's day.

Can't wait to wear my boots with knee socks and no tights. I need these ones.

And here is Forbes list of 16 Songs Feel Like Spring . It is pretty good but I think they missed one:


You can find more Sunday Inspiration here. Enjoy your day!

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