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March 10, 2014

Crafts with Curtains: New Napkins

I bought IKEA curtains back in 2010 and I can't tell you how useful they've been - well actually... I can and I will.

We purchased 2 sets of curtains with the intention of using 2 sets of curtains. One for a computer room and the other for a set of patio doors by our dining room table. The plan was half-executed, I can't remember if we were too lazy to hang the second set or genuinely decided we didn't want to block the light by the table. Either way, I'm glad we didn't.

First up for the other set of curtains was a Curtain Skirt! I still have this skirt and can't wait to wear it again this summer.

Second re-purpose was to make a tote for a friend to say thank you for a BBQ.

We used part of one of the panels as a cover for the top of the lemonade stand Jeremy made for the boys. You can see the lemonade stand in this post, none of the cover though - it's purpose is to keep the sun off the top of their heads.

Today marks the end of those curtains. I used them up to make some more cloth napkins for the family table. I was so tired of running out of the cloth ones and my boys resorting to their sleeves. Jeremy said I should forget about the napkins and just make sleeve protectors!

 I made good use of my new craft space. I need better lighting though, must get a nice lamp. You will also notice I didn't use pins. If I'm not going to wear it and can get away with eyeballing it, I will.
cloth napkins

cloth napkins
Darien (my middle son, pictured below), wanted a custom napkin with black thread. I made him one and really liked the contrast. Then dinner time came and he refused to use his special napkin. But progress is progress!


  1. What a use for one pair of curtains (well two...)! Love that you used it for several different projects.
    I have a piece of a cotton fabric at home for quite a long time and once I thought I will make place mats from it for out dining table. Well, maybe I will one day :) Thank you for inspiring me, Harmony!

    1. You should! It would be cute to use embroidery floss along the edges.