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March 11, 2014

Kettle Corn Trail Mix - Recipe

kettle corn trail mix

 My family and I discovered the best kettle corn at our local farmer's market last summer, it was so yummy and fresh; nothing like packaged grocery store versions. I don't know why I never tried to make it myself until a couple of weekends ago. This is my second go around and I want to share this simple snack that is perfect for a family movie night.

ingredients for kettle corn trail mix
I took the traditional recipe and added in cashews, raisins and semi-sweet chocolate chips to make it a trail mix. And really, in my books, when you add in protein all is well in the snacking world.

I use a Whirlypop to make my popcorn, but I have heard you can also use a heavy-bottomed pot with a good lid. You will have to use those arm muscles to keep everything moving though.

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 - 2 tbsp of vegetable oil (I use the 1 second per tbsp method to measure)
1/4 cup of white suguar
salt to taste
Yummies of your choice

Pour the kernels and oil into the Whirlypop and put on the stove top over high heat. Start turning that handle and don't stop! After a few moments, you will hear the oil start to pop and sizzle and you may want to add in the sugar - not yet! Once the first kernel pops, CAREFULLY and quickly open the lid pour in the sugar, close the lid and keep turning the handle.

It will take a moment for everything to get back up to the right temperature, but like regular popcorn, keep it on the heat until the popping slows down to 1-2 pops.

Pour the popcorn into your bowl (I have 3 sons, so 3 bowls are necessary). The popcorn will be sticky, don't worry, it doesn't last. Sprinkle with salt and use your hands to "toss" the popcorn a few times.

kettle corn - let it cool
Now comes the part where you get to learn from my mistake. Do not add anything that melts (like chocolate chips) to the bowl until the popcorn has cooled down (it makes so much sense NOW). Once the popcorn is cooled, it will no longer stick together and won't create an ooey-gooey mess.

I put hot water in the Whirlypop after I'm done and it washes up nicely.

Do you have a favourite snack for movie nights?


  1. Oh my mom would love this. She loves popcorn.
    xx, Jodi

    1. I'm going to put peanut M&M's in next time - so yummy!

  2. How do you like the whirlypop, Harmony? We've been doing popcorn at home for ages and I use just a regular pot with a lid from Ikea. We always do it plain but it is a great idea to make it as a mix. Will definitely try!

    1. I l.o.v.e. the whirlypop! We got ours at Lee Valley. It is so easy, including clean-up (most times we make ours plain too).