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February 23, 2014

Sunday Links No. 6 - Hashtag Edition

I came across some inspiring hashtag projects this week and decided to share them here instead of my weekly collection of links. I'm going to be using these this week on Instagram, you can follow me here!

#sfgirlguide The blog SFGirlBay, is collecting photos on Instagram to create guides of various destinations. The idea is to get the gem locations from the locals; an off the beaten track picture guide for your next vacation. Here are the details on how to tag or find your city's must see locations.

#justsayhello Oprah has started a campaign to get people connecting and reaching out to one another. Why not just say hello to someone and see what happens? You could be making their day!

#whp__________ Every Friday, Instagram announces a theme for their Weekend Hashtag Project. This weekend is a video prompt, #whpwhereiwalk. "The goal this weekend is to take a creative video looking down as you walk."

Ready, set, #!


  1. I wish I could use instagram as well. Love the collection of beige stuff on the sf girl's blog.
    Oprah's idea of saying Hello is just awesome!

    1. I think I replied by e-mail instead of on here!
      I was saying that I think someone needs a smartphone for her upcoming birthday :)