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February 16, 2014

Sunday Inspiration No. 5

This weekend is the first one I have had to work in years! I am not complaining (much) as my job lets me be home so much more than before, but still, not my favourite to be at work while everyone else is at home.

Here are some of the links that inspired me this week:

I am doing a photobooth at my boys' school for a fundraiser. Still sorting out the details, but this template looks great.

I've been thinking about bangs lately. I like having them but get bored quickly and HATE growing them out. This solution may do the trick.

I'm not a bling kind of girl, but I do love this combination of peach and mint.

I have an open closet in our hallway and the contents really aren't display worthy. This would be the perfect solution.

image source: Design Sponge
I have some left over flowers I pressed last summer. Here is the project I will use them on, who wants an old-fashioned letter on homemade paper??

I fall into this trap all the time: reading blogs and getting inspired to create and then reading more blogs, clicking on lots of links and then I end up doing nothing. So take this advice and go create and have fun!

But if you want to click one more link, you can check out past Sunday Inspirations here.


  1. The bangs solution is so funny! But if you match the colors, I think it can look really cool. If I would go for bangs, I would probably go for layered, not straight line.

    I was looking at the homemade paper yesterday :)

    Love the combo of mint and peach, so soft.

    Hope you will be able to get some rest tomorrow, Harmony! I think I'm going to skip my weekend favorites this week, haven't had time to sit and search for anything this week.