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February 27, 2014


A new post is up on my photo blog. I chose to capture my collection of old books. Click on over to see Gabi's photograph, she took a unique angle in responding to the prompt.

I laughed a bit when I saw Gabi's collage of pictures because I also had the below picture ready for the response.


1. We have a turtle collection in our bathroom. I'm not sure how it started but we get them as gifts and find them in thrift stores. There are about 20 of the little guys hanging out on a shelf.
2. Jeremy decided we should have a duck collection, so that is now added to our list of things to hunt for when thrifting.
3. My collection of buttons is constantly being dumped out and sorted or made into pictures. And not just by me, the younger boys play with them too.
4. I want to add to our collection of older books but will have to find a bigger shelf for them. This one is full.

When I look around, there are other collections in our home I could have taken pictures off. We have a vintage glass collection, a shell collection from beach walks, rock collections that are souvenirs from various adventures and let's not forget the dust bunny collection under my bed.

I'd love to hear what you collect!


  1. I love your collections, Harmony. As a kid I loved to play with my grandma's buttons as well. I should start collecting something...