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February 24, 2014

My Plaid Skirt - Memories

I remember this plaid skirt, or rather, I remember 1 event surrounding it and the feelings this picture evokes. (That's my little sister, we were pretty cute!)

I lived in rural New Brunswick growing up in a teeny, tiny town called Hartland, home of the Longest Covered Bridge. Even today, the population is a whopping 947.

We were at the dump, I was between 8 to 9 years old, and the garbage at the dump was on fire. My dad was throwing our bags of garbage from the car onto the piles and one of the bags ripped open. And there it was. My skirt. My favourite plaid skirt that I LOVED. In the garbage, it wasn't on fire yet but what was it doing in the garbage!?

There were tears, there was a hissy fit and my dad saved the day and reclaimed my skirt from the burning garbage pile.

My mom was surprised when we got home, I don't think she realized the meaning the skirt had for me. Or maybe she just couldn't take my crazy pattern pairings any longer.

Seeing this picture and recalling the event has reminded me how I felt and that I need to respect my boys and their belongings. I  will confess that I have snuck items into the garbage and donation bags when I have felt they have outlived their usefulness; but I won't do it again without their permission.

I don't have any memories of wearing the skirt again or whatever happened to it. But I did have good taste.


  1. Look at you two! You were adorable! And you still are, btw.
    What a lesson. My kids are sad when they outgrow some of their favorite clothes as well but they are slowly learning that if it's small you can't wear it anymore.
    Awesome story, Harmony!

    1. My sister found another picture from the same day. I am also wearing shoes that I loved but my dad ran over them with the lawn mower. I blamed him at the time but I guess he didn't leave the shoes on the front lawn...

  2. This is something that I have learned is so important to remember whether dealing with my children's belongings or especially my husbands. I love your cute picture!! Adorable is right!!

    I am linked next to you on A Mama's Story!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Judith! I guess I SHOULD include my husband in my "ask before I get rid of X" plan.