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February 03, 2014

Long Distance Stories

My mom does a great job creating a relationship with her grandsons even though they live across the country from her.

This isn't done by sending gifts in the mail (although she does do that, but not to the point that the boys expect it). We periodically Skype (the times we don't are all my fault, I forget about the time difference until it is too late to call), and she comes up with creative ways to engage them.

Before Christmas she sent them each a story with a cliff hanger. They boys had to write the next part of the story and send it back to her. We are getting ready to send part 4 of the stories to Ontario. It takes us awhile to get all 3 stories written, it is mostly Darien that makes the process a bit longer. Grayden dictates his to me and Connor writes his own, but Darien (who is in grade 2) is still learning to sound words out and gets frustrated easily. I don't push it, when he is done we take a break, I don't want him to hate the process.

As they write them I have been typing them out in case of any lost snail mail letters. It would be easier to e-mail them to her but that takes away from the excitement of getting your very own letter in the mailbox.

It makes me want to have a pen pal of my own!


  1. I love what your mom is doing! It definitely keeps the long distance relationship fresh. I wish my mom would do anything like that. Kids didn't talk to her for a month or so :(

    1. Get them to start the first part! Another variation I do with the kids is to start a picture and then fold the paper so you can only see a part of it. The next person draws the rest without seeing what the first person drew.

    2. That's a good one :) I might try it with them. Mom even didn't send Patrik a B-day card, just did a short email... I'm kinda tired of trying all the time :(