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May 22, 2014

He Turns 8

My last birthday boy of this year, and his exuberance for his presents and cake was a great way to end the celebrations in our house. (Mine is still to come but we will be on vacation and I will be planning none of the festivities!).

At 8 Darien:

  • Still loves to snuggle. He loves to come into our bed just as I'm waking up for the day to sneak in extra cuddles and sleep beside his dad.
  •  Is so adventurous and independent. These are great attributes, they just make me nervous as he is also very focused on doing what he wants to do.
  • Has a famous line when he is caught doing something he shouldn't and it is "I forgot". 
  • Is so very thoughtful. He loves to make things for others and surprise them with his creations or good deeds.
  • Is creative and has a keen sense for figuring things out. Like when he went to the salmon hatchery and put 2 and 2 together about the mechanics on how human babies are made. There is a logical trail he followed and I'm not sure all 8 year olds would have connected the dots the way he did. Ahem.
Happy Birthday Darien Bear!

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