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May 12, 2014

A New Ironing Board Cover

This little ironing board has been in my house for almost 17 years. I was considering putting the after picture first so I wouldn't scare anyone off, but decided to be brave and show you what happens after 17 years of ironing.
I purchased this flowered fabric at a thrift store for $1.99 and have had it in my stash for 2 years. I love the sunny disposition this fabric has but haven't been inspired to use it for a project, it's a bit too bright for a skirt and doesn't match anything in my house for a cushion. But yesterday I was ironing and voila, a quick and easy project was born.
I ironed the fabric first and then laid it right-side down on the floor.
I cut off the extra fabric (enough left to do another project of some kind) and used a staple gun to pin the fabric to the board. I didn't take off the old fabric or padding.
My hands weren't strong enough to get the staples all the way into the board so I used a small hammer to bang them in all the way.
I made snips in the fabric around the corners and stapled each section individually to keep a smooth, round edge.
This little friend is a new member of the household (part of my Mother's Day/Anniversary present). He fits right in with the new ironing board cover.


  1. What a nice and quick fix! The owl is adorable too.

    1. Jeremy did a good job picking it out. I've been using the ironing board as a stand-up desk when working from home. It is almost too pretty to put away now.