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January 26, 2014

Sunday Inspiration No. 2

I've been under the weather all of this week and have spent the majority of my time working in my "home office" (this consists of me sitting in bed with my laptop on my knees and cooking shows playing in the background).

In between e-mails and calls, I took a few quizzes. Accordingly I discovered that I have a vocabulary of 24,800 words, talk like I am from Florida and should be living in Barcelona. Interesting...

Take the New York Times Dialect Quiz.

How many words do you know? Test your vocabulary.

What city should you live in? Find out here.

Oh and I discovered how much I love and miss knitting! I made the cutest bear cowl for a friend's daughter this weekend. Now it is time to go through my stash of yarn and see what else I can make.

Some lovely wool went from This:

 To That:


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  2. The hat is so cut! I saw Graydon sporting it, so adorable! You are an artsy girl, Harmony. I'm glad that you are getting back to stuff you like to do!
    I hope you are feeling better by now. Although I would take 2 days in bed and do just whatever I like (of course without the sickness).
    Hope to see you soon!

  3. ha, and sorry for hijacking your comment section :D

    1. Love it, each one made me smile bigger :D

    2. :) and I forgot to tell you that I LOVE that owl thing you have underneath your yarn.

    3. ....oh, and for me it would be Portland :)