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January 07, 2014

I'm No Longer Turning 35 BUT...

Shortly after my 34th birthday I made a list of goals to complete before I turned 35. I made the list but didn't revisit it or make plans to accomplish the items on it. Now here I am approaching 37 and I think it is about time to see how I did! I am updating the goals where needed and adding a few more to make my 36 things before I turn 37 list.

  1. Run 1/2 Marathon - I injured myself and am getting back into running this year. UPDATED goal: run a 10 KM race before birthday.
  2. Open Etsy Shop - Complete! (but I haven't listed anything for sale so not really). UPDATED goal: list 1 item for sale.
  3. Be fit and healthy - Does it count if I got there and then through injury and job changes put my health on the backburner? No? Didn't think so. This one stays as is!
  4. Visit Anthropologie - I am honestly a little afraid to go to this store; afraid of what it could do to my bank account. UPDATED goal: go to Anthropologie and spend no more than $40
  5.  Get Passport - COMPLETE!
  6. Family Vacation - COMPLETE! Shuswap Lake
  7. Decorate House - Always a work in progress. This wasn't a very specific goal. I will revise to say finish organizing play room.
  8. Get FMP - COMPLETE!
  9. Go to Wildplay - I think this is going to be my request for a birthday date.
  10. DSLR Camera - COMPLETE!
  11. Declutter - Another constant. To add a measurable aspect to this goal: I will organize my closet.
  12. Go to a concert - COMPLETE! Rogers Waters The Wall
  13. Bike up hill to house - COMPLETE! Full disclosure, this wasn't the same hill or house as the one I created the goal around but I still biked up a hill by my house.
  14. Run for the Cure with Connor - COMPLETE!
  15. Teach Darien to swim and bike - COMPLETE!
  16. Dresses for Meg and Jess - Long story but this one will not be completed and will be replaced.
  17. Only eat dark chocolate - NOPE!! Another replacement for this silly goal is required.
  18. Take more pictures of the boys - COMPLETE! Some may say I should scale back.
  19. Photography Course or Challenge - COMPLETE X 2!
  20. Design original item to sell - This one is going to be tied in with item number 2.
  21. Knit a blanket for home - UPDATED goal: finish scarf I have been knitting since last summer.
  22. Blog once a week - A good one to keep on here. That would mean I have to blog 29 times before my birthday.
  23. No computer games - I love me a good game of Majong while procrastinating between e-mails. It is a good brain cleanser. READ - goal not met and it is being replaced.
  24. Swim Laps - COMPLETE!
  25. Nurture Friendships - COMPLETE! I am still an introvert at heart but have made more effort to be social.
  26. No magazines for 1 year - COMPLETE!
  27. New towels - COMPLETE!
  28. New sports bras - COMPLETE!
  29. Knit sweater for Jeremy - I am not sure what I was thinking here. He hates sweaters and wouldn't wear it. A replacement goal is required.
  30. Send birthday cards to friends - UPDATED goal: call or send a personal e-mail to friends. I think cards are expensive and unnecessary unless they are homemade.
  31. Get varicose vein checked out - in addition to this, get that physical out of the way.
  32. Host a dinner party - COMPLETE!
  33. Own a bathing suit I love - COMPLETE!
  34. More family adventures - COMPLETE!
Not too bad when you consider I wasn't actively pursuing these goals. I made a list and hoped for the best. This time I am going to:

  • Make goals that excite me and that I really want to do.
  • Post my list where I will see it on a daily basis (if not multiple times per day)
  • Make a plan on how I will reach each goal.
  • Pick 2 goals each month to really focus on (especially if they are based on new habits) so I don't feel overwhelmed.
 My list of 36 things before I turn 37 will be posted soon!


  1. #1 - you can do it! And I'm cheering on you!
    #2 - I wanna see it!
    #4 - I'm going with you :) I got my dress there for $29.99 and the bowls I have at home, steal for $2.99 - so yes, you can go under $40 but it will be HARD!
    #9 - I want to do the adults Wild Play as well, looks like lots of fun.
    #22 - I hope you will stick with this one because I LOVE when you blog!
    lol about the #29!

    It's awesome that a lot of stuff is done on your list. Way to go, my friend!

    1. Thank you cheerleader Gabi!
      Update on number 1 - signed up for a race that will be on July 13

    2. Awesome!! Now you have a deadline so the motivation will be even bigger :)!