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June 27, 2013

Right Now Challenge - Week 2

Please go to One Happy Mama's blog to read more about the Right Now Challenge.

  • Darien asked me how long he was playing outside after dinner. When I told him 1 hour he asked me if that was "with tax".
  • Cleaning Darien's room took an entire day. How can a 7 year old make such a mess and be a pack rat to the highest level?
  • Today is Grayden's last day of preschool. Next up graduation and then kindergarten. Having a bit of a hard time with my baby growing up.
  • Proud of myself (and Grayden too), we made it through with no tears. It was a very touching morning the preschool teacher put together for us. We will miss her!
  • After 11 years of being a mom to boys it has finally happened - they broke a window. It was my youngest. When asked how it happened he told us he was trying to throw rocks onto the roof of the garage and missed.

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