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June 26, 2013

A Big Busy Day

A superhero day complete with potluck goodies for the last full day of grade 1. There is a half day tomorrow but Darien is going to play hookey and stay home with dad.

The youngest member of the family has graduated from preschool today. Here he is with the best preschool teacher I have ever met. Hooray for having all 3 boys in 1 school (for 2 years anyway).

A day of worry while our oldest was at Cultus Lake for the day. I wasn't worried about him going home with someone or getting lost. I was worried about injuries when you think about that many 11 year old boys in a water park, there has to be horseplay. But everyone came home in one piece!
Photo Edits: Karla Dudley Brushes - Stamp Sheet Boy


  1. You need to go to work to get some rest tomorrow ;) Awesome photos, I bet all three of them had a blast.

  2. They did, let summer vacation begin.
    Say it with me, "No more school lunches!"