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March 07, 2014

Seeing Beauty No. 2 - My Basement

Almost a month ago I went around my yard with my camera with the intention of seeing beauty that I hadn't noticed before. I enjoyed the journey so much that I repeated the process, this time in my basement.

Honing in on the details, I found lots to love about my basement. A place I usually just pass through on my way to get upstairs.


I think I need to visit more often, as I also found areas that could use a good dusting.

I pass these birds each time I take my coat off in the laundry room. Today they got a bit more attention.

There are lots of reminders that we have little boys living with us, the basement is home to their playroom.

 Memories of toys that are outgrown and more than gently used. Ones that we can't part with.

In my next photo exploration I am going to visit my kitchen.


  1. ok, now I have to see your basement too! Love all the little details! The birds are so adorable, did you make them?

    I can't wait to see the little corners of your kitchen, Harmony!

    1. It was fun to wander around finding nooks to take pictures of.

      P.S. I still haven't dusted!

    2. I won't look for dust, don't worry. I have it in my house as well :)