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August 03, 2014

Sunday Links No. 25 - 55 Movies, Make-up & Hair Clips

This is the real behind the scenes of me trying to get a group shot. Maybe this is part of the reason I love my lifestyle/candid style of photography. Please note that my husband is holding the sign upside down and I took many shots past this one before I noticed.

After a brief hiatus, here are my Sunday Links:

I am trying to grow out my bangs (after having them for less than a month). This clip is perfect for when I am on job sites!

Those who know me, know that make-up isn't something I do a lot of, or well for that matter. But this tutorial is something I can get behind.

We bought a projector yesterday so we can watch backyard movies on a giant white sheet. These 55 movies are a must.

This bookmark is going to be my new method of tagging great parts of books. Move over post-it notes.

I came home to over 1200 unread posts in my blog reader. I ended up clearing them all (sorry, I just couldn't justify the time to spend a day reading blogs). I am so glad I read this post before I hit "mark all as read".

My boys love pierogies. I am going to give this recipe a go and make our own.

And here is the final picture of my family that I got (even though I had to photoshop the face of one of my boys in from another photo as not one shot was "perfect").

PS I pin a lot of photography tips, including posing guides and photoshop tutorials here.

1 comment:

  1. First of all, welcome finally back home, my friend :) Love the photos from the lake, it seems you had a great time!

    The make-up tutorial is too funny. I wonder how women put the eyeliner on if they are not into cats..