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July 01, 2014

Shorts or Pajamas?

I've had a pretty summer fabric in my stash for some time, a very long time. When I first bought it I also purchased a dress pattern, I had a plan for this fabric. I made the dress, it fit, I wore it to work. And then I donated it.

I felt like a picnic table. It didn't help that I worked in a law firm at the time and everyone else was wearing their conservative lawyer-type stuff. (No pictorial evidence is available of the dress.)

But on the weekend I found this tutorial for toddler shorts with a free pattern. It was time to redeem my summer fabric.

Instead of using the supplied pattern (um, because they wouldn't fit), I made my own by tracing a pair of my shorts that have a nice fit. Then I followed the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the shorts, I chose the version with pockets. I traced around my hand giving a 1 inch allowance all the way around to make sure they would be roomy enough.

The instructions were easy to follow and I was super-impressed with myself as I have never made shorts before.

Now my only conundrum is I feel like I am wearing pajama bottoms in them.

SO, what do you think? Are they for the beach or the bedroom?

PS Here is a great round-up of some more short tutorials.


  1. That's a tough one... I would mix it with a light orange or pink tank top for a beach but would enjoy it as a sleeping shorts as well. Hmmmm...Either way, they are cute!

    1. I might have just the tank! I'll try it out at the lake in a couple of weeks and see what I think.

    2. I hope you will document it :)

    3. I feel cheated that I don't remember the dress at all! I feel like a kid at work every day, working in a big corpo office is a lot more like highschool than real life, your ability to be the same is more valued than your ability to be yourself.

      I have a really hard time finding shorts myself, maybe they can just be "homeshorts" rather than pyjamas?

    4. Yes, it was a short-lived dress with a red zipper right up the front :D

      I think I am going to wear them at the cottage when we are at the lake and see how they feel.