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June 01, 2014

Sunday Links No. 20 - Simple Living

I'm working on this beautiful weekend but am still making time for myself and the family. My oldest has his ACR (Annual Ceremonial Review) with Cadets today that I'll get to go to. I'm grateful I have a job that let's me balance all the important things in my life.

I haven't done a themed link round-up in a while. This one is dedicated to simple living.

Bleubird talks about how great it feels to simplify and cull your belongings (how hard it can be too).

This family check-in station would eliminate a lot of morning stress and hassles in my house (where is my planner, where are my keys, ahhhhhhhhh - we're late!).

The difference between organizing and decluttering.

This print from Bookishly UK on Etsy.

Go to the listing here.
Living with only what you need.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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