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August 12, 2013

Nails, Hammers & A-Frames

My dad is visiting this week. We haven's seen him in 5 YEARS! My youngest was only 6 months old. All my boys know who Papa is but it is different having him here, in the flesh, to play with.

I know one thing for sure, there is going to be some serious Skype math tutorials coming up in our future. My dad's patience with Connor while trying to teach him a math concept was amazing. Most math lessons in our house end up in tears.

The boys have a pile of scrap wood and shingles that they play with from time to time to build houses. This usually involves balancing the wood somehow with hopes it will stay up long enough to crawl inside.

Papa brought the playhouse to the next level - they built a little A-frame, complete with roofing. Oh the excitement of using real nails and a staple gun. They were in little boy heaven.

Everyone got involved. I love seeing my boys cooperate with one another.

Darien decided he needed to put on his construction (hiking) boots and grab his hard hat (as the pajama bottoms he had on in the first picture wasn't quite enough). Smart boy that one.

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