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July 04, 2013

Right Now Challenge - Week 3

Please go to One Happy Mama's blog to read more about the  Right Now Challenge.

  • Grayden asked me what number has a 4 and a 0 with a 1 in the middle. Four hundred ten!
  • As he was getting strawberries from the fridge Grayden informed us that we have Fred the caterpillar who lives in our fridge. He always takes bites out of our strawberries.
  • Connor brought home his grade 5 indoor shoes from school. I don't think he even wore them, they look brand new. Now they are too small for him - they fit me perfectly. Yay for new shoes for me and boo hoo my oldest has feet that are bigger than mine.
  • Our neighbour asked Grayden how his day was and he replied, "Good as pie." I guess pie IS good.
  • Darien gives me goose bumps when he says, "Hey mom, watch this!" The things that child gets up to boggles my mind and scares me.
  • Swimming in the river on Canada Day, hot weather, sunscreen, laughs and giggles.

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