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October 03, 2011

September in Review

I'm not sure where September has gone but it is definitely done.

A little recap of some the craziness that occurred:
Darien started kindergarten! It was a rocky start (he escaped the first day), but we survived it. We are all adjusting to the back to school routine and things are getting better all around.
Date night at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Port Moody. I ordered a huge platter and the waitress tried to give it to Jeremy - I don't think she believed I could finish that much food (I couldn't).
An Amazing Race style event at work. It was a lot of fun but exhausting at the same time. I'm not sure how the people on the show do it, we only had to run around for 2 hours!
A new to me piano, Jeremy surprised me with it. I've been playing everyday. I remember more than I thought I would but lots of practicing is still in my future.
Fishing on BC Rivers Day. We paid for all 3 boys to fish but Grayden didn't want to have anything do with it. We have some nice rainbow trout in our freezer ready to be cooked up.
And interspersed amongst all of it was a dose of daily silliness.


  1. September really came and gone too fast! I love all these photos, Harmony. You all were too cute at the "Amazing Race" event.
    That was a HUGE portion of food!!
    Hope you are feeling better today. Thank you so much for your message, it made me smile!

  2. Feeling MUCH better, thanks!
    Glad your first day went well :)

  3. :) Just testing if commenting is working. It seems I'm having some issues with my blog.

    Looking forward to see you all on Sunday! xoxo

  4. Hey stranger! Any plans to make October in review ;) ? Hope you feel better now! I so miss you during my runs.

    I still have to send you the photos, I haven't forgotten, just haven't had a chance to edit them. Sorry. Will try my best in the next few days. xoxo