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May 04, 2011

Very Pinteresting!

I have been on the computer but not blogging obviously - I've been on Pinterest. I may need an intervention. Not only am I spending way too much time looking for items to add to my boards I may start spending way too much money on those same things too.

If you are on Pinterest, let me know your ID and I'll follow you. If you want to check mine out go here.


  1. I knew you will love that place :)

  2. Hello?! Anybody's there?!
    I sent you an email this week, Harmony, did you get it? Hope everything goes well with all of you! xxx

  3. umm, hello? Anybody's here? LOL.

    I hope you get back to blogging, Harmony. Any peeks of your artsy projects?

    Looking forward to Saturday! xxx

  4. LOL, I'm watching you!! :)))

    You should follow your to-do list, remember?! ;) xoxo