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January 16, 2012

Fun for Some

We had our first real snowfall of the season and since we have a large hill in the back yard we went tobogganing. Fun was had by some...

When Grayden's turn came he told me he was a little bit scared. I told him it would be fine and that I was close by if he didn't like the ride. Well, he didn't like the ride at all and I don't think Samson's involvement helped.

In my defense as his mom I had the camera on sports mode and these pictures were taken within seconds. He was "rescued" and recovered quickly by throwing a snowball at our dog.


  1. I don't blame him that he was scared But I bet once Grayden gets older, it will be hard to get him out of the hill.

    See you tomorrow! xxx

    Btw, love your "TV commercials break""! Way to go!!

  2. HELLO?! Anyone's there?!?! :)