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July 04, 2010

A Thank You Tote

About 4 months ago my BBQ died, it was a slow death but still hurt when it came. Not knowing if I was moving  to Ontario soon, or kind of soon I didn't want to splurge on a new one and it could mean 1 less thing to move.

Then summer came and the absence of the family BBQ - any BBQ really - was almost unbearable. In walked a friend who just got a new BBQ as a wedding present. And yep, her old BBQ is now on MY back patio. It hasn't been here quite a week yet but Jeremy has given it lots of love and it has provided us with lots of yummy charcoaley goodness.

As a thank you to my friend and bride-to-be I made her this Thank-you tote.


  1. I love the tote and I love your blog, Harmony! Once I find more time, I will browse it more for sure.
    I'm so happy that I've met an artsy and running and so friendly person living so close to me! :)