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July 10, 2013

Time to Unplug

Three more sleeps until we leave on holidays and only one more sleep until I am officially on vacation. Excited does not quite describe the vibe in our house right now. We are going back to the same cottage as last year and let me tell you, it was good. Last year we were excited to get away and the anticipation of the unknown was there too.

This year is different, we know where we are going, what to expect and are anxiously looking forward to the good times and relaxation again. I left my blackberry at home last year, it was hard at first to be disconnected but now that I know how wonderful it is there is no hesitation this time.

The big challenge this year is from the boys. They are now proud owners of iPads and iPods and we have told them that the devices are staying home. Needless to say, this news didn't go over very well. "What are we going to DO?" "It is going to be SO boring!"

These sentiments make me regret getting the darn things for them. There was none of this on our first trip and I assure you there was lots to do and not a moment of boredom. I am hoping that once we are there they will embrace the cottage life, read, swim, have fun and connect.

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  1. They will forget about those devices really soon once you get there. Have a lots of fun!!