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August 26, 2011

34 Before 35

Here's my list of goals and reminders that I made for myself. It was made on my 34th birthday and I plan to cross everything off before I turn 35.

I'm already working on number 1 with my good friend Gabi. We are training for and running a half marathon together this November. I have put up all of my racing bibs on the wall in my office as a reminder of what I have accomplished and as proof that I can do this.

My goal to blog once a week has gotten a lot easier with a new app I downloaded that let's me write and publish posts on my iPod while I ride the train to work.


  1. You know already that I like your list and I think you are already working successfully on a lot of thing from the list. Good luck.

  2. sooooo... how are things going with your list ;)?