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January 03, 2010

Action - Live and Love it in 2010

I read blogs more than I actually blog, and I am fine with that. But sometimes I feel the need to let loose my thoughts and here they are:

A lof of the aforementioned blogs are choosing one word to sum up their goals, dreams and resolutions for the New Year. That is right, instead of long lists of items you try to make yourself conform to you have one word to remind you and steer you onto your chosen path.

It took me 3 days to come up with the word 'flourish', I like the look sound and meaning it has for me. But it also feels a little lofty for 2010. I am only now recovering my creativity and it is still in a delicate state. I have the need to strengthen my creative self before I can truly flourish.

In some reading I was doing today the pages were focused on action - don't put off a project because you don't have time to complete it in one sitting - do something. I am the master putter-offer - if I only have 20 minutes forget pulling out all my paints and finnessing that leaf or doing a few embellishments on a collage - not worth the time.

The word action kept jumping out at me and I finally realized - it is because I have found THE word. This blog post is an example of me living my word - Action; I thought I should blog about it and because I am now living a year of action here I am blogging about.

I expect many great things to come from my actions this year and they will set me up to flourish in 2011.

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  1. Action is such a good word for the year! I happen to think we can have more than one too...especially because flourish is such an amazing one too!