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July 27, 2008

Dirt Digger Shirt

When you have three boys, you can't make something for one and not the other two. Here is Darien's dirt digger shirt:

Because Grayden is only 5 months old, I get to pick what I will make for him - no idea yet though.
I have many, many projects on the go that I can't wait to finish and post on here. Included is some redecorating I have been itching to get done for a couple of years now. Come fall I am going to tackle it one room at a time. Maybe even a dedicated space for my creating self!


  1. oh my goodness! that is sooo adorable!

  2. Hey Harmony!

    I love this new site!

    It looks wonderful, and I love all of your creative ongoings!

    I hope life is going well, and you are enjoying your summer.

    Email me some time, and we can catch up!!


    Sylvia C.

  3. Thanks Viv - he will not take it off!

    I am so glad you found my new site Sylvia. Going a more creative route that is less deadline driven feels right.
    I'll send you an e-mail soon :)